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Das Ganze ist mehr als die Summe seiner Teile (Aristoteles).

A B U N D A N C E         is a dance with the universe

Next workshop together with Mata Sakka:

Beginning January 2023

 Hybrid: online and in presence Winsstr. 44

As preparation join our whats up group with 

Deepak Chopra mid of December 2022

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I offer seminars to the topic

Financial abundance

Espacially financial abundance according to these times
I myself learnt over years the roules of the universe how to receive money and how to block the flow.
I made a lot of seminars also this one with deepak chopra and received at the end a new state of abundance in my life.

As I am a professional Coach I would like to help others to learn what are there obstacles and how to free yourself and go into financiell abundance.

We will go through all the topics which keep you away from Abundance and money. You can join all meetings or only choose at minimum three. As you like.
We will use a lot of different tools to let you feel and realise your own obstacles. In some meetings I will do Theta Floating with the group to find even the most hidden feelings and thoughts.

The seminars will be live online in a closed group.
I asked Mata to assist me with breathing exercices and body movements
I have enough tools and knowledge to offer more than 20 different days of seminar.

To make it simple I would like to make always a closed group for 3 appointments. So that you only have to commit for 3 meetings. If you want more you can do all meetings always with a new closed group for 3 times and new topics. Means the topics will always change for more than 20 meetings.
Further I can offer individual single coaching and I can offer coaching in a group.

To often I heard the sentence: I have no money for this. But with this sentence you block the flow.
To really help you to come into financial abundance  the price will have a recommodated price but at the end you can alwayas choose to pay what you can and want.

So, if you are interested

feel free to join and to contact me for more information:

Kirsten (Kira) Koschig     Tel: +49 30 21 46 29 95